The real estate business has been haunted by a problem involving the presence of a prohibited drug known as methamphetamine or meth for short. The harmful drug, known to a few as “P,” has been found in several occasions on many of homes, apartments, flats, and condominiums that were rented or leased by a number of people, unknown to the landlords as being drug addicts or meth dependents.

Government officials and local leaders find it very alarming if there is no solution or intervention to address the dilemma. A new idea was born, and this is the implementation of meth testing training for interested parties and individuals.

The program of training are enumerated and explained as follows:

Getting to know the culprit

Participants and delegates to the training are given the objectives of the training, along with the history of methamphetamines. Getting a good grasp of what is to be extracted prepares the learners for an actual decontamination procedure in the field.

Offered the opportunity to learn classified information, including the secrets behind the Meth Laboratory

Not everyone is given the chance of a lifetime to listen to confidential information and the knowledge of a discreet operation. Only participants to the meth testing training are given the privilege to learn the hows and whys of the task personally that they will accomplish after passing the evaluation.

Adapting to the required standards of the job and the policies that govern it

To get the most from the training, participants should work hand in hand by following state standards to its highest degree or hierarchy in order to show professionalism, more than expertise, in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities to their country. Meth testers also are trained to adhere to existing policies governing their profession, so as not to violate specific laws including human rights, specifically the right against self-incrimination.

Learning the strategies on the conduct of ocular inspections on public and private properties.

There is a standard operating procedure in the conduct of general property inspections that meth testers should follow. One of the regulations includes that a meth tester should be wearing the proper suit for his own protection as well as the protection of his teammates. In addition, it is the right of the landlord to be informed of the inspection. This step is inviolable.

Equipping oneself with knowledge on the proper screening and inspection of property suspected to have meth particles or residues.

This part of the training teaches participants the idea that not everything they will see or encounter on site is immediately considered as meth. Proper identification of the chemical leads to successful decontamination of the property. It proves to be wise using fair judgement and careful scrutiny, rather than relying on pure gut which will lead to failure in doing the job as expected.

Proper handling and storage of sampling kits and techniques in managing samples following the Australian Standards NIOSH 9111

Methamphetamine is a dangerous and prohibited drug, but it is also sensitive to dirt, moisture, and other foreign materials. Only professional meth testers are allowed to handle kits containing its sample because it can be spoiled with a single human error.

Trainees undergo the practical test and sampling session

In order to pass the evaluation, participants are given a written test, along with an actual sampling session using the actual chemical. Those who will make it will be certified to perform the job anytime and anywhere.