In this article I talk about how to study quickly and well with 2 types of different tools:

  • the first are study techniques that I often talk about in the blog, and that each in its own way, and for specific aspects, adds speed to your study
  • the second are three principles or “cosmic” laws that make you study quickly and better by changing your mindset in general .

The result of the precise and systematic application of these principles and techniques of study is astonishing.

Because when you learn how to study quickly your life changes :

  • the grades improve and you feel safer than you
  • the morning of the exam go to school quiet, after an evening of relaxation and a good night’s sleep
  • you stress yourself and make you stress less
  • you have more free time to have fun, or to learn even more
  • you’re rarely late, and almost never tired

So when you learn to study quickly, you get back on your time and energy , and your life is much more productive, and above all happy: the success in the studio has taken away a big chunk of your problems, and you can devote yourself better to those that remain.

But how do you achieve such a goal?

How to study quickly with study techniques

There are specific techniques to study quickly, and I often talk about it in the blog. The main ones are:

1 # Fast reading and skimming

When you are dealing with new study material, you often waste time orienting yourself. This makes the beginning of the study tiring, like a heavy car that needs to overcome such inertia to move.

The speed reading and skimming make you win this inertia and learn faster because they allow you to pre-digest the material quickly, building a ” route map ” that prepares you well for the deepening and the subsequent storage.

It is as if you were flying over it at low altitude before entering into a completely unknown territory. It would be much easier and faster to get out of it, right?

2 # Take notes: The Cornell Method

In the “time register” of which I will speak in a moment, you will surely discover that you spend many hours in class with respect to the results that this gives you. The Cornell method , developed in the homonymous university in New York, makes you study faster because it makes the most of the hours of lessons, and makes you take notes in a more orderly and quick to review.

3 # Memory techniques

Memorizing is not the only component of a study method, but it certainly takes a lot of time. Thanks to the memory techniques you can quickly study everything that is mnemonic; moreover, contrary to what those who do not know or do not know how to use, memory techniques also help the conceptualization.

Learning fast reading, skimming and memory techniques costs time and effort, just as if they were exams themselves ; forget you can read a book, a blog post or take a weekend course and be able to use them effectively. You must study and practice them. But it’s worth it, because while passing an exam it’s not said to help you study faster for the next one, learn the techniques yes. .

Before you can learn them, however, to study quickly you have to apply 3 general principles or “Laws” of time and energy management.